What we do

Fleet Master has been servicing Fleet Fueling to local businesses for over 18 years. Fleet Master is a state of the art Cardlock System opened to local businesses giving them an alternative fueling source. As a member of CFN (Commercial Fueling Network) our customers now have access to over 57,000 fueling sites nationwide. In addition to many locations Fleet Master offers Fuel Management Reports, Easy Access, 24/7 Availability, Total Control over the following restrictions, Fuel Type, Number of Gallons per Swipe, Number of Swipes per Day, Programmed Time of Day and Days of Week.

who we are

Fleet Master will also provide you with a Fuel Management Report that allows you to track fuel costs and consumption by division, department, or individual. The Management Report also helps you to identify fraud and abuse. We provide you with a real-time web page to view your transactions live! The system also archives your information so it can be accessed at a later date. All transactions are video recorded and maintained for 30 days. This allows you to review suspect transactions. Fleet Master offers a volume discount and does not charge you for the fuel management reports, card issuance, or card maintenance. There are no contracts, if at anytime you wish to discontinue the program you simply pay for what you purchased and cut up your cards.

Fleet Master also provides businesses with a fleet maintenance program. This program is custom made to fulfill each customer’s requirements for their fleet maintenance. Fleet Master provides services such as basic oil changes,
vehicle inspections, diesel and gasoline engine repairs, and road service. We offer reasonable rates and a fast turn around time! We now provide On-Site Maintenance for your fleet.

Fleet Master has 3 Diesel Technicians and 2 gas engine technicians. We are an ARI Approved Repair Facility.