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      Credit Application

      Principles (at least 1 required)

      Supplier References

      In Consideration of FLEET MASTER and/or subsidiaries selling to me or to my agent(s), I agree to the following items:

      • To pay the monthly statement in full within the billing cycle.
      • In the event of default of the foregoing paragraph (1), I agree to pay a monthly finance charge of 1.5% added monthly on any unpaid balance past due. THIS FINANCE CHARGE RATE EQUALS 18% PER ANNUM. In addition, any volume/prompt payment gallonage discount would be forfeited.
      • If this account is placed in the hands of an attorney for collection, I agree to pay all reasonable charges for collection including attorney's fees, and further agree that a charge of 3% of the amount shall be considered reasonable as attorney's fees.
      • If submitting electronically, I substitute an electronic signature in place of a physical signature. Additional paperwork and/or signatures may be required before final approval. Additional references and/or documentation may also be requested by Fleet Master for verification purposes.

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